Which One You Should Choose: Glass Pool Fence vs Aluminium Pool Fence

Having a swimming pool on your property or estate guarantees you to have a little private paradise in which to spend hot summer days in the company of your friends and family. 

However, incorporating a swimming pool in your patio or grounds also means that you need to adapt some of the surrounding facilities to guarantee a safe and accessible environment. 

Pool fencing is one of the first and most important additions to your new outdoor area, and choosing between aluminium and glass panels for your pool fences can be tricky. Below you can find some details to help you choose the best option for you. 

Local Regulations

Before deciding for one of the two options, it is essential to keep in mind that local regulations might already offer you some guidelines that you have to follow. In Australia, most homeowners are free to pick the material they prefer for their fencing. 

However, it is recommendable to check with the installers to ensure that you are not going against any indication released by the government. 

Aside from the material to use for the fencing, local guidelines can also offer indications about gates, height, and details of the fence. Moreover, they might also mention the need for non-climbable zones and other security measures. 


Aluminium or glass pool fencing can be one of the best additions for your yard or garden. However, it can also represent a significant investment for you and your family. Therefore, the durability of design and material is one of the most significant factors to consider in the choice of your fencing.

When it comes down to picking one material, many buyers tend to steer clear of glass fencing, because they are under the impression that this material might not be as durable as aluminium. 

However, this statement about glass fencing could not be further from the truth! Aluminium fencing can be at the mercy of weather conditions and elements, and be much less durable than glass. Oppositely, glass barriers are known to be particularly long-lasting and withstanding any condition they are put through. 

Breaking glass panels is almost impossible. While they can be a little heavier than the ones in lightweight aluminium, you can rest assured that they won’t rust and will remain unaffected by weather and exposure to elements. 


This point is slightly more personal than the others. While both aluminium and glass pool fencing can be stylish and versatile, one of the two options could be better adequate for your home or garden. 

Aluminium fencing is striking, but also more noticeable. As we are about to see in the sections below, the level of maintenance you are willing to give your fence can make a difference in the final result. 

If you are looking for a panel or pool fencing option that is visible but can be adequately adapted to your needs, aluminium fencing is the right choice for you. 

However, in many cases, the pool itself is meant to be the centrepiece and focal point of your outdoor area, not the fencing. In this case, for pool owners, it is worth considering the unique qualities of glass pool fencing. 

Firstly, this material does not need huge levels of maintenance to remain extremely attractive and stylish. Moreover, the aesthetics of glass pool fencing can help you give your home a modern, elegant, and minimalistic look that is extremely difficult to achieve through aluminium fencing. 


Especially if you have kids playing in and around the pool, it is vital to consider the level of safety of the fencing. Aluminium bars and grates can help limit access to the pool, but they can also be more easily climbable.

If your local regulations have brought your attention to the fact that you should have a non-climbable zone, implementing aluminium fencing might not yield the results you were hoping for. 

Oppositely, glass pool fencing provides a non-climbable and child-safe situation that allows you to enjoy the time in your pool without any worry. Indeed, the slippery glass panes are difficult – if not impossible – to climb. In turn, this means that your pool will have only one entrance for kids and adults to use. This makes it much more manageable to check where all the members of your party -especially the little ones – are. 

If you have opted for aluminium fences because they fit better with your landscaping, it is important to meet the local safety regulations. Indeed, to prevent kids from climbing up the fencing, many owners opt for adding glass panels in front of tubes and grates. 


Even if you are trying not to mind too much about the cost and give priority to quality, your budget is important. Given the incredible benefits that this solution offers, glass pool fencing can be more expensive than aluminium solutions. 

Each meter of semi-frameless glass panels can cost anything between $200 to $275. In comparison to aluminium panels, which cost between $90 to $120 per meter, glass panels are pricier. Overall, aluminium barriers are ideal for homeowners on a budget that don’t want compromise on pool safety.

However, fur to the low maintenance and high durability, glass panels could represent a more cost-effective solution in the long run. 


Undoubtedly, the level of maintenance that a pool requires is high. Sometimes, the cost of regular checks and repairs can become as high as the one of the pools itself. When looking after the fencing of your pool, the last thing you want is to spend money and time trying to keep it in good order. 

Therefore, picking a solution that will require only a minimum level of maintenance to look beautiful and new is essential. 

For glass pool fencing in Mornington Peninsula, everything you will need to do is wiping down the panel with water and a glass cleaner. You can do so at home, without any extra cost or the help of a professional cleaning company. Aside from keeping the structure in good health, this allows you to maintain the glass stain free.

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