Frameless Shower Screens, The Installation, Maintenance, and Repair

Frameless shower screens are the perfect choice for anyone wanting to streamline their bathroom fittings and give the illusion of space, particularly in smaller areas. Frameless screens can add a touch of elegance to your design and are custom measured and cut – meaning that they fit the space perfectly. 

You might be wondering how frameless screens work, considering that their name suggests that they are hovering mid-air. Rest assured, these screens are durable, customisable, and best of all, low maintenance. 


Frameless shower screens are generally custom built to fit perfectly into your bathroom. After the initial consultation and measure, your screens will be made at an offsite location and supplied and installed by a professional fitter. Brackets will be mounted on your existing walls and floors to ensure a secure fitting is achieved for each panel. The glass is then carefully put into place and secured. Gaps are sealed along the wall line to prevent leakage. For projects that include a frameless glass door, that is secured with a hinged panel and can be adjusted to ensure an unobstructed opening and closure. Depending on your existing tiling, a water bar may also be installed to avoid water leaking under the door. 


One of the best things about frameless screens is that they are low maintenance and easy to care for.  The glass panels themselves are incredibly hardy and generally only require a thorough cleaning to keep them in perfect condition. With no silicone seals or frames to worry about, it is much easier to ensure you have cleaned off all soap scum and residue. Clear glass will also not stain, so some glass cleaner and a soft cloth will do the job. Make sure never to use abrasive materials on the glass, as this could cause scratching to the surface.  

Over time, the shower screen’s hardware may need replacing or maintaining; however, ensuring you thoroughly clean the brackets and hinges will go a long way to increasing their lifespan. Wiping down your shower screen after use and maintaining a dry, ventilated bathroom will help keep your glass free from wet spots and soap scum. 


The need for repairs on frameless screens is rare if they have been appropriately maintained. However, if the unexpected does happen, it is definitely worth having a shower screen professional assess the issue before taking any action yourself.

If you’re noticing a musty smell in the shower, peeling paint on the walls, or discolouration to your tiles, then you may have a leak from the shower recess. Damage to the edges of your shower door should also not be overlooked, as they can make the screen susceptible to shattering over time.

Frameless shower screens are not only more durable and easier to care for than their framed or curtained counterparts, but they are also able to add a touch of luxury to an otherwise cramped and dreary space.  

When looking for a professional to repair your shower screen, especially if you’re down on the Mornington Peninsula it’s important to choose someone local, licensed, insured, and experienced with frameless systems. Try out the expert showers screens in dandenong professionals today!


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