Our Kew Exclusive Products

Ultimate Glass began in 1991 as a humble garage building glass manufacturer, growing into a leading trader of glass to Greater Melbourne. However, we have maintained our close connection with the customer. We also both send and install our manufactured glass, ensuring control of the quality across the process.

Shower Screens

Is your bathroom looking a faded and tired? Are the fittings deteriorating – fast? Bathrooms cop a lot of wear and tear. Consider the benefits of our glass shower screens! Kew home owners can enjoy this popular feature of modern design within the average budget. With our frameless glass shower screens, Kew renovators know they are getting glass that will last!

Beautiful Pool Fencing

Have you thought about the aesthetic qualities of glass pool fencing? Kew leisure-seekers can enjoy a safe pool for the whole family, while also enjoying sweeping views through the transparent fencing. This is not possible with metal or timber fencing, which some may feel divides their outdoor areas, rendering them less spacious. For reinforced glass pool fencing, Kew residents can call the professionals.

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