Shower Screens In Dromana

Have you completed a major interior design renovation recently? Renovators tend to focus on the centrepiece rooms in their homes – the living room and kitchen, for example – but will neglect the bathroom. However, at Ultimate Glass, we’re believe your bathroom can be a stylish feature of your home. Simply give your bathroom a more luxurious feel with our frameless glass shower screens. Dromana home owners need look no further than the experts, priding themselves on handcrafted quality glass – come to Ultimate Glass!

New properties and hotels now often include frameless or semi-framed shower screens in their bathroom designs. This is because of the balance of chic design with simplicity in the engineering. Just ask us about the benefits of frameless shower screens: Dromana residents will notice that bathrooms feel more spacious, unencumbered by framing lines. Frameless glass is less likely to attract grime and mould, because of the absence of glue. And glass is simply more durable than many other materials.

Whatever their design need for shower screens, Dromana’s would-be renovators will be satisfied with our work. We manufacture all our glass on site, and deliver and install it ourselves. There are no middle men, no pre-fab or pre-fitted forms. Whatever the problem in design, our craftsman will relish the opportunity to provide a solution.

We may have grown considerably from our humble beginnings as a garage glass manufacturer (back in 1991), but owners Michael and Vicki remain firmly customer-focused. At Ultimate Glass, our job is not completely until you’re totally satisfied!  

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