Pool Fencing Provider In Pakenham

Thinking of renovating your outdoor area to include a pool? It can be fun for the kids and relaxing for the whole family. In Australia, any pool must abide by certain safety requirements, mandated by law, which stipulate the installation of pool fencing. Pakenham residents might be turned off installing a pool in their backyard because timber and metal pool fencing can make your yard seem boxed in.

However, Ultimate Glass’s hand-made glass pool fencing for Pakenham and other suburbs throughout Greater Melbourne is as durable as timber and metal fencing, but will also maintain all the views natural to the layout of your backyard. This is because the transparency of the glass opens-up sight lines closed off by timber and metal fencing. Your view of the pool area will be unimpeded from indoors, and you will have clearer views of your yard when relaxing in the pool on a warm day. It’s no wonder glass pool fencing in Pakenham homes are becoming so popular!

It’s simply a misconception that glass pool fencing is more fragile than other materials. You can rest assured that our glass is safe! We use only 12mm toughened glass, which is extremely sturdy, able to withstand the worst of angry Melbourne weather. We also use category three wind-load bearing fittings, for extra strength.

If you’re concerned about privacy with glass pool fencing, don’t worry: we have tinted glass options available as well, and will work toward getting the design you want for your home.

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