Shower Screens In Keysborough

Thinking of renovating your bathroom area? Not quite sure yet about your design? A trend in contemporary design is the minimalistic delight of frameless shower screens. Keysborough residents may have seen these designs in recently-built hotels or homes. You too can acquire this intelligent, sleek design feature in your home with the help of the specialists at Ultimate Glass. 

There are many reasons why frameless and semi-framed glass showers screens are trending. Without the lines of frames in the bathroom, the bathroom has a minimalistic, ‘open’ look. The maximum amount of visual space is opened to the eye. It’s important to note this simple design feature can transform your experience of your bathroom space – a space too often neglected in home renovations.

With our frameless shower screens, Keysborough residents know they are getting only quality hand-made glass, designed to suit the precise dimensions of their bathroom. They are also getting the quality guarantee that comes with a company like Ultimate Glass, which thrives on return clientele and word-of-mouth, rather than market dominance. Our position as one of the leading suppliers of glass goods to Victoria rests on our preeminent reputation.

Despite having grown much since our beginnings in a backyard garage shop, we have maintained ourselves as a family-owned business. Our tradespeople take the time to get to know you and will really listen to your concerns. We’re not happy unless you are.

So, if you want a sparkling shower screen in Keysborough, contact us!

y ossue
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