Shower Screens In Hastings

Every interior design, whether planned for a major renovation, or for your new dream home, must consider how functionality will complement style. It also must consider how different rooms will complement one another. The bathroom can often be overlooked in this process, and yet it can make a major design statement, in accompaniment with the rest of your home.

Have you considered the benefits of frameless glass shower screens? Hastings home renovators will find that frameless glass meets the contemporary criteria of both functionality and style. Glass has become a leading material in contemporary bathroom fixtures because of its minimalistic charm. With our glass shower screen for Hastings and other suburbs, simplicity is beauty, they say!

We manufacture all our glass on site, using no pre-fabricated materials. We also deliver and install our glass, to ensure quality-control across the whole process, and to cut out the outlay of the middle man. Our range of shower screens for Hastings includes full-framed shower screens, as well as semi-framed and frameless. This last is often requested. You can call us for a no-obligation quote, or for advice on design.

Whatever your need in glass, Ultimate Glass is here to serve you. We remain a customer-oriented glass manufacture – though we have grown to become a preeminent trader of glass products in Victoria, we remain family-run and -owned. We have five vans delivering full time, so our services are also prompt.

We don’t consider a job finished until we know a customer is completely happy. Call us today!

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