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Whatever your need in quality glass products, look no further than Ultimate Glass. We pride ourselves on quality manufactured glass, tailored to suit your unique design needs, in a variety of applications.

Renovating your kitchen? Are you aware of the benefits of glass kitchen splashbacks? Hampton’s would-be renovators will enjoy the benefits of our well-designed splashbacks. With our glass kitchen splashbacks Hampton kitchen walls will be better protected, for longer. This is important, as kitchen walls are exposed through the cooking process to extremities of temperature, steam, smoke and grease. Kitchen walls are therefore placed under more stress than other walls in the house, and will quickly deteriorate, if not properly protected.

Our splashbacks however are easy to clean – and economical! And all our satisfied customers agree: our glass kitchen splashbacks add a touch of modish flair to kitchen fittings, as glass has become a preeminent material in modern design. 

Want to install a pool for the kids? It is Australian law that you install a pool fence, to protect unsupervised kids from swimming in the pool. However, pool fences can often be cumbersome obstructions in your outdoor areas, especially if they are solid timber or metal. However, why not consider our solution, glass pool fencing? Hampton families can enjoy the safety of a reinforced, wind-resilient glass pool fence, and the unimpeded lines of sight provided by glass’s transparency. With our glass pool fencing, Hampton backyards can get the best of both worlds: safety and style!

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